Air balancing is controlling the amount of airflow from your furnace to your different rooms in your home. This will help to balance out any hot or cold spots in your home. You may also prefer to sleep in a cooler room and have the children’s bedrooms be a bit warmer.

Thankfully air balancing is something that you as a homeowner can do very simply.

On the floor of your home, you will have a register or vent. There is a small handle on it that will damper or open and close the vent helping to control the airflow into the room. Some rooms in your home may be getting too much warm air and conversely, some rooms will naturally get less air. You can divert the air by adjusting the dampers on the vent to help bring the temperature to your desired level. Your entire HVAC system is specially designed to stay balanced through the air return vents and as such, you should only close the vent up to 80-90%. Closing it all the way will change how the system operates. Keep in mind you may need to adjust these seasonally and up to your preferences.

Hopefully, this helps you keep all of the areas of your home at your desired temperature.