Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the things you need to do to get your home ready for the colder months ahead. Whether it’s cleaning the gutters or trimming the trees, there are some things you should do to protect your home and property.

Clean the Gutters ThinkstockPhotos-491602696

They call it fall for a reason. Before you know it, your gutters will be filled to the brim with leaves. You should clean your gutters or you may risk water damage to your roof or foundation when your gutters overflow. If you only do this once during the season, make sure to do it after all the leaves have fallen.

Seal Windows (If you have an older home)

You want to seal any gaps around your home’s doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping during the winter. If you have older windows, you may also want to get a shrink wrap kit available at home hardware stores to better seal the entire window. If you have a newer home, it will have additional sealant around the windows to help keep it air-tight. However, you may want to check for any cracks or pealing in the caulking around the window.

Trim Trees

Snow and ice can really weigh down the limbs of trees. If you have any limbs dangling over your roof, you want to remove them. Letting these limbs lay on your roof during snow or ice storms can damage your roof.

Mow Leaves

Instead of raking the leaves, allow the leaves to lay on your grass and mow up the leaves after all the leaves have fallen. This will add mulch to your lawn and keep it healthy throughout the winter.


Get Your Heating System Serviced 

The last thing you want is for your heat to go out this winter. In the fall, make an appointment to have your furnace, heat pump, etc serviced so that it’s in good working order when cold weather arrives.

Seal the Driveway

Now is also a great time to seal your driveway. The snow and ice can be really hard on your driveway, especially if you have any cracks where the snow and ice can pack in.  It’s actually a fairly easy DIY project.  It’s best to do it before the leaves start falling so they don’t get stuck in your sealant.

Cover Air Conditioners

Whether it’s a window unit or a central air unit, you need to cover the unit for the colder months of the year. This will help keep leaves and debris out of the unit.  Of course, if you have a heat pump, you’ll need to leave it uncovered.

Clear the Deck

Last, but not least, take the time to clear off your deck and to cover any furniture. Make sure you keep leaves swept off your deck to prevent any damage when they decompose.

It may seem like a lot, but many of these projects take only a few minutes. Create a to-do list and then schedule the items accordingly so that you’re not rushing to do everything at once.