Are you looking to take full advantage of your backyard this summer? There is no better way than building your own deck. Before you invest in lumber and other supplies check out these tips to avoid some common mistakes.

Choose a design

This is where a bit of research comes in handy. Choosing a design that works with your lifestyle and space is important. A multi-teir deck may look beautiful but it might not be the best use of your space.

Bigger isn’t always better

Having a well-thought-out functional space is a better choice rather than a large rectangle with unused areas. Depending on what you plan on using your backyard for your size may change as well. It is all about quality over quantity here and only you know how your family will take advantage of the space.

Considering the sun

Although we may not have many months of summer in Saskatchewan the sun can be intense. Consider adding an element of shade to your design. Perhaps a pergola or shade sail. You will be thanking us later!


When deciding on a layout for your deck consider the placement of your BBQ. If you have a natural gas line you may be limited in options. However, we recommend keeping it away from high-traffic areas where kids may be running around.

Consider furniture

Are you planning a large table and chair set? Perhaps you are after one of those outdoor sectionals or a hammock. Either way keep the sizes of these in mind when designing.


Build it right

Make sure to follow the permit guidelines for your area. There may also be zoning regulations that apply. Check out the guidelines for Saskatoon and Regina here.