After a large windstorm shingles and siding can often be blown off a home. It is important as a home owner to take quick action in repairing the shingles and siding as further damage can occur from moisture entering the home. Although your warranty does include a 25 year guarantee on shingles this is to the material themselves rather than the labour or installation. If there is a lot of damage due to the windstorm check with your insurance provider about applicable coverage.

It is best to get a professional to repair shingles and siding as it can be dangerous due to a risk of falling. The Saskatoon Home Builders Association and Regina Home Builder Association have a list of members where you can find a contractor to repair your shingles or siding.

Here are the common steps they will take to repair your home.


Shingles that are missing will need to be replaced. To help find an appropriate match check your possession day documents for an exterior colour chart. Keep in mind you will not get an exact match as your shingles may be sun-faded from their original colour. Below is a view outlining the process your contractor may take to replace your shingles.


Again, you will be able to find your siding colour and manufacturer in your possession day document colour chart. It is possible that your siding will be sun-faded as well. You may be able to get a colour match with exterior paint if desired. Below is a video of the steps your contractor may take to replace your siding.