When looking for a new home many people start with the community they would like to live in. Here are a few great reasons to consider Westerra for your family. To view all of our upcoming homes in Westerra click here.

Close to downtown. Did you know if you live in Westerra and work downtown your commute is shorter than living in Eastbrook or The Towns? From Westerra to the Cornwall Centre it is 12 minutes by car. From Eastbrook to the Cornwall Centre it is 17 minutes – on a good day. Arcola can certainly have an abundance of traffic during rush hour.

Cranbrook - Cranbrook_C1_Cs2Small community feel. While Westerra is technically in the city of Regina driving out on Dewdney can certainly feel like you are leaving the city. This separation helps Westerra feel like a small community outside of town. The neighbours are friendly and you’re free to send your kids to the park without having to worry.

Affordable. It is no secret that Westerra isn’t the most popular new community in Regina. This is going to give your dollar a bit more buying power compared to in more popular areas of the city.

Easy access to the bypass. As controversial as it may be – if you are heading out of town the bypass is a great way to start your journey off quickly. Whether you are heading to the Moose Jaw spa or visiting Saskatoon you won’t need to drive through the city just to get on the road.

AE Wilson Park. This park is likely the best-kept secret in Regina. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of a walk around Wascana this park is for you. Experience both paved and natural trails, playgrounds, splash pads and picnic areas.