When looking for a home many people think about the features the home needs like the number of bedrooms or a large kitchen. However, equally as important is the builder who builds your home. Here are a few things to watch out for when looking for a builder.

🚩Lack of Communication

Communication is crucial when building a home, both when deciding which home is best for you and while it is being constructed. If the builder is keeping you waiting while you are still looking for a home, it is possible that they will be slow to communicate during the construction process or after you take possession. It’s also critical to ensure that the salesperson understands your requirements. It can be difficult to ensure that you and the builder are on the same page when discussing the specifics of a home because you may have a different vision in your mind than what the salesperson understands. Make use of diagrams, construction plans, and photographs whenever possible.

🚩Hesitant to give you pricing or a quote

You do not have an unlimited spending budget. It is important to know if the home builder you are considering is going to be significantly more expensive than your budget. In general, salespeople should be able to provide you with a price range for most homes and upgrades if they fall within their standard options. Builders should also explain why they need a little more time to provide you with a quote if they are keeping you waiting. Prior to signing the contract, you should also be informed of what is included in the price, as well as the cost of changing anything later on. Pacesetter strives to be completely transparent with our pricing. We are one of the only builders to have a pricing calculator with an instant quote right on our website.

🚩New to home building or community

If a home builder is new to the area or doesn’t have much experience in building homes in general this can be a red flag. A solid company foundation will help ensure the company’s longevity for many years to come. If they are a reputable builder with a well-known building process and a solid financial base, you can count on them to build homes in your area for many years to come.

🚩High-pressure sales

As previously stated, there are numerous factors that go into home construction. This means you’ll need time to consider your options and figure out what’s best for you and your family. You don’t want to be tricked or coerced into an agreement that makes you uncomfortable because you’re the one who has to live in the house in the end.

🚩A quote that is significantly lower than others

Many home builders in Saskatoon and Regina use the same trade companies and must adhere to the same architectural guidelines and building codes. When it comes to production builders, we’ll be the first to admit that many of our homes use similar specifications. As long as you communicate your desired upgrades, lot type, and floor plan size to all builders, you should receive comparable quotes. Although a difference of $10,000 to $20,000 may appear shocking at first, it is important to consider other aspects of the home builder. You should also think about how much your mortgage payment will be. Often it is just a few dollars different per month which is worth the peace of mind and satisfaction of choosing the home and builder that you prefer.