We acknowledge a deck collapsed on Kestral Drive in Regina in June of 2020 that had a regrettable impact to the homeowners. From the broader community, we understand there may be questions or concerns related to the safety of decks and confidence in building to code. The deck on Kestral Drive was built to code. At the time of the deck collapse, Pacesetter Homes proactively engaged a third-party engineer to inspect and verify all raised suspended decks to prevent any future safety concerns. All Pacesetter homeowners with raised suspended decks received a letter in the summer of 2020 confirming the structural integrity of their decks.

We want to emphasize that we have taken the steps to prevent any future safety concerns and we continue to follow all specified building codes.

Pacesetter Homes is a Qualico Company, and Qualico has been building homes for over 70 years. Safety is Qualico’s top priority, and we continuously improve our construction practices to ensure the quality and safety of our homes.