Building a new home is a huge investment. Starting out by narrowing down-home builder options is a great first step. Every home builder has a different type of home style, features and process that may not work for everyone. Learn more about why Pacesetter Homes may or may not be a good fit for you.

1. We don’t build custom homesblog - Hennessy-Fb-ads-02

Pacesetter Homes is considered to be a production home builder. This means that we have a curated set of plans that have been developed and refined from customer feedback. We do not build “one-off” custom floor plans for clients. This helps to maintain our production efficiency and lower costs for buyers. That being said, if you do choose to build with us there are options to make our existing models work for you. Ask your area manager about what options we have available to customize your favourite floor plan.

Of course, you will have the option to choose your interior and exterior selections from our available products. The main choices include your kitchen cabinetry colours, flooring choices and lighting fixtures. Check out our steps to building your own home page for more details.

2. We don’t build on infill land or land that you own

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Pacesetter Homes chooses to build in Saskatoon and Regina’s newest communities. We have gone ahead and purchased many lots for our homes to be built on with a variety of features and price points. By having this process we are able to have our tradespeople work on homes in the same area to improve efficiency. We also have community show homes and detailed information about that community available to prospective buyers. The community developers themselves also offer special programs and events to the homeowners in their respective communities.

3. We may not fit your desired timelineĀ 

Currently, like many home builders across North America, we are selling homes faster than we can build them. Although the wait times are not as long in Saskatoon and Regina as they are in other cities, we are selling many of our homes 2-3 months prior to them being complete. This means that homeowners are having to wait a couple of months before they can move into their new home. If you are looking to choose your own lot and model you may be looking at a time frame of 6-10 months.

If you are looking for a home plan that has multiple iterations with improvements in one of Saskatoon’s or Regina’s best communities along with a flexible timeline then Pacesetter Homes may be the builder for you!

If that is the case check out our Quick Possession Homes for Saskatoon and Regina

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