Eavestroughs, Downspouts, Rainwater Leaders

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Eavestroughs are the gutters attached beneath the edge of the roof. These correctly and efficiently control the flow of water from the roof to the ground. Normal maintenance includes cleaning of eavestroughs from leaves, dirt and other blown in debris.

Downspouts are the vertical drain connected to the eavestroughs that carries rain water away from the foundation of the house to prevent flooding into the basement. Smaller downspouts can carry water from an upper roof and direct it onto a lower roof for further dispersal. Downspout extensions should be in the lowered position at all times unless mowing grass or grading work is in process.

Rainwater Leaders is the pipe that connects the downspout to the storm drainage system. When it rains or when the snow on your roof melts, the water travels down the downspouts and into the storm system. Rainwater leader installation is determined by the City/County. The builder does not have the ability to offer this as an upgrade. Each home is evaluated individually, rather than by block or area.


Dents – any damages are to be identified on the Occupancy Report. Damages not noted on Occupancy will be considered “normal wear and tear”.
Eavestrough leaking – report leaking to Pacesetter Warranty during the warranty period.
Downspout extension missing or damaged – this should be identified at Occupancy. Damages done by grading company should be immediately reported.