New Duplexes in Brighton

Is a Duplex Right for you?

Structurally, a duplex are two living units that have been constructed within a single building. In Brighton, all our duplex units share a common wall with the unit next to it, and both units will typically have similar floorplans.

Each duplex built by Pacesetter Homes provides homeowners with their own front and rear entrance, separate front and back yards, as well as the ability to build your own garage.

The new duplex homes built today are not the same as older ones you may have experienced in the past. Saskatchewan’s building codes and the building techniques Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan use to construct your home will greatly prevent most sound from noisy neighbours from entering your home.

Duplex units are built with an 8-inch concrete foundation, which is done to reduce sound base the basement. On the first and second floors, the common wall between the units is fully insulated to retain heat and reduce noise, and even the attic is divided by an insulated wall to ensure that noise does not travel through the ceiling.

You can have comfort knowing that you’ll enjoy peace and quiet when you purchase a duplex unit.

While it is easy to assume that duplexes are a smaller, this isn’t always the case.  A duplex can have a similar floorplan and square footage as a detached-laned home, while also being built on a smaller lot.  Our Brighton duplexes range between 1390 sq. ft and 1648 sq ft., giving you and your family a great amount of living space.

Another benefit of owning a duplex is that, while the home will be a similar size to a single-family home, the lot it is built on will be narrower.  The lots are typically slightly smaller, which will reduce the cost of landscaping and property maintenance such as mowing your lawn or shovelling your sidewalk in the winter.

Here are just some of the benefits of living in a duplex over a condo:

  • Provides homeowners with a similar experience to living in a house.
  • You don’t have to share common areas with other residents, such as elevators, entrances or hallways. This increases the security of your home and reduces germ transmission.
  • No more carrying groceries up three flights of stairs to get to your condo. Our Brighton duplexes provide the opportunity to build rear-lane garages.
  • You won’t pay for additional condo fees, reducing your monthly costs.
  • Makes a great investment property.

Property taxes in Saskatoon are determined by the type of home you own and the assessed value of your home. The 2021 Total Property Tax Levy in Saskatoon was 0.0121779% for a multi-unit residential home. This means if your duplex home is valued at $350,000, your property taxes would be approximately $4,200 annually.

Find out more about Saskatoon’s municipal taxes.

Duplexes are often the most affordable home-type for first-time buyers and renters of apartments and condos who are looking for more space. Furthermore, as real estate markets appreciate, there will be more demand for duplexes as they typically are more affordable for small families purchasing their first home.

While duplexes are built to share a common wall, they are not built on one lot. Each duplex is zoned so that your home is built on a lot that you own. This ensures your property taxes are not exclusively tied to that of your neighbour’s home, and provides you with the independence to build a back deck or patio without requiring your neighbour’s approval.

Fencing off your backyard is a fantastic way to ensure further privacy and security of your home. Just like single family home, the fence that divides the backyard of the duplex is the responsibility of both homeowners to maintain.

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