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Energy-efficient windows are one of the best ways to lower the heating and cooling costs of a home.

In 104 Forsey we’ve installed a triple pane argon-filled window. This window is coated with 3 layers of silver to reduce solar gain in the summer and reflect heat back into the home in the winter. There are four components to making window glass more energy efficient.

1. The R-Value –  Similar to insulation windows also have an R-value. This is a measurement of how much thermal energy is transferred through the window. These windows have an R-Value of 6.25 compared to 2.17 in a double-pane window.

2. The solar gain rating –  This is a measurement of how much solar radiation (heat) is transferred through the glass. If the number is lower less heat will be transmitted making it much easier to cool your home in the summer. Solar gain is a benefit in the winter months so when the home was designed it underwent energy modelling to determine the best type of windows based on the direction of the home. They have a solar gain rating of 24% compared to 78% with typical dual pane windows.

3. UV Transmission – Reducing UV radiation through the glass will help protect furnishings in your home from fading. If you’ve seen an older couch that has always been in the same spot in front of a window you will know just how important this is. These windows let just 1% of UV radiation through compared to 58% in dual pane windows.

4. Visible light transmission – this is a measurement of how much daylight passes through a window. The windows in 104 Forsey allow for 47% of the daylight to be passed through compared to 87% with a double-pane window.