This home has a condensing tankless hot water heater. Not only will you have hot water on demand, it recycles the extra heat produced.

There are many benefits to a tankless hot water heater.

Energy Efficiency

While a traditional tank water heater heats water continuously, tankless water heaters heat only as much water as needed, when it is needed.

Lower Utility Bills

Since tankless water heaters use less energy, they can also lower your utility bills. This model also re-uses warm water to help heat incoming water.

Endless Hot Water

Households using a traditional tank water heater may run out of hot water because the home’s entire supply is stored in the tank. On the other hand, the heating elements in tankless units heat water just when it is needed, for as long as required, offering continuous hot water.

Save Space

Most traditional tanks hold between 40 to 60 gallons of water and are a large tank taking up floor space. Since tankless water heaters are much smaller, they take up far less space in your home and are often mounted on the wall.

Less Maintenance

Water heater tanks generally require annual maintenance and depending on the water quality they need to be serviced regularly. Alternatively, tankless water heaters require very little upkeep. Depending on the quality of your water supply, they can sustain full function for four to five years without maintenance.