Solar Panels are the only missing element in labelling this home NetZero versus NetZero ready.

We’ve made it easy to install solar panels for the future homeowner. By design, we’ve ensured that the roof vents allow for a maximum number of panels on the roof. We have also included a conduit from the roof to the electrical panel to make it easy to connect the solar panels.

We’ve requested a quote from a local solar panel installation company – miEnergy. They’ve recommended installing 38 panels resulting in a 14kw system. During 6 months of the year this would produce more energy than is required by the home. Currently, SaskPower allows you to sell credits back to the grid at a rate of 7.5 cents per kWh. During the 6 months that you need to purchase additional electricity, SaskPower is currently charging about 14 cents per kWh. If the homeowners wanted to go completely off the grid they could install a lithium battery system to store additional energy throughout the year. This would cost approximately $15-%20k. To install the 38 panels we’ve been quoted $45 000 – $50 000.

Although it does seem like a high upfront cost solar energy does have additional benefits. A system like this offsets emissions equivalent to planting 80 trees a year or driving 160km less per year.