EnerGuide Rating

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Photo Credit: Sunridge Residential

The airtightness of a home is key in keeping heating and cooling costs low. This is one of the key factors in the overall EnerGuide rating.

Once the home is complete we conduct an EnerGuide test. This requires collecting some data about the home as well as conducting an air blower test.

They collect the following information:

  • the level of the home’s airtightness, using a blower door test;
  • the insulation levels of the walls, ceilings and basement;
  • the number, type and location of all windows and exterior doors;
  • the size and efficiency ratings of the homes space heating, space cooling (air conditioning) and water heating equipment;
  • information about any ventilation equipment; and
  • any other information relevant to the home’s energy performance.

From there they give the home a rating and provide a detailed report.

Energy Test Photos